【Training】Overseas study abroad

Thu, Oct 10, 2019

Day 1
We departed for Vancouver Port, Canada.
After that, we moved onto Vancouver island where we met several host families to begin our homestay.

Day 2
On this day we began our culture exchange at Vancouver island university.
In the beginning, it was confusing to study at the school but everyone was able to have fun studying.

Day 3
Today, we had class in the morning and went ice skating in the afternoon.
Even with a lesson that was well delivered, it was still quite confusing but everyone gave it their all.

Day 4
Today, we went to Nanaimo to visit Coombs tourist destination and the beautiful Englishman river falls.
Surrounded by centuries old natural forest, we were able to hike into the heart of nature.

Day 6
We spent this day away from our host families, so we didn’t have much to report.
Today’s class was learning how to make beads.
The indigenous people of the area are known for making these beads and they are a traditional decoration.

Day 7
Today we baked in class.
We had fun baking in the university cafeteria.

Day 8
We went rock climbing today!
Students had so much fun and it was very popular among them.

Day 9
In the morning we visited an elementary school and after that we had class at the university.
The elementary school we visited was called “Chase River Elementary.”
We performed the Souran-bushi for the students.
During recess, we had a cultural exchange as we taught students how to make origami.

Day 10
Today was the last class at the university. We had great fun on our trip!
For our lunch activity, the university teachers we very considerate and we were able to look back on our time.
After lunch we watched a movie showing highlights of the trip.

Day 13
Our group went to Victoria.
We toured a museum and went around the city.

Day 15
Today we left Canada for home.
Students said it was fun, and that they didn’t want to return.
Unlike our departure, students were without stress, it was good to see everyone’s lovely expressions.

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