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This website is to be used under the responsibility of the visitors of this site. We make and administer the various information uploaded on this website in a careful way, but we do not guarantee the accuracy, availability and completeness of it. We assume no responsibility for any damage caused by the use of these pieces of information or inability to use. There might be a case that we will change the whole or the part of the content of the information on this website without notice. In addition, there might be a case that we will make a pause or stop the operation of the website. Or there might be a case that you cannot use the website in a normal way because of the communication environment, individual computer environment or other reasons.


The copyrighted works of this website (documents, pictures, movies, sounds or softwares) are possessed by our educational foundation and the third party, and are protected by the Copyright Act and other laws or treaties. Except for the range admitted by the Copyright Act such as private use and citation, you can not duplicate, translate or transmit the copyrighted works without the permission of the owner of the copyright.

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