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Spirits of Foundation

Conscientious Behavior・Self-Development・Benevolence & Service・Human Reliability・Peaceful Harmony

Our Spirit of Foundation, Conscientious Behavior, Self-Development, Benevolence & Service, Human Reliability, and Peaceful Harmony, is selected by our Chairman, Makoto Ono, as his words to live by. When he established the school by himself in 1963, he set these words as Spirit of Foundation. Life is the way we live with the others, often evaluated by them. We think that it is education.

Conscientious Behavior
To have a bright mind and value the rules and the responsibility
To set the aim for studying and your life. And not to forget to study earnestly
Benevolence & Service
To cultivate the mind of service and respect the human relationship
Human Reliability
To cherish the joy of being trusted and accomplish your tasks without selfishness
Peaceful Harmony
To help each other and cooperate with the others to accomplish your common tasks

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