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Privacy Policy


Kokusai Gakuin Educational Foundation

Chancellor, Makoto Ono

We adequately recognize the social mission about the privacy protection that we deal with in the course of our business. Therefore we comply with laws, regulations and other rules on the rights of information and on privacy, and here we declare to work on the protection of privacy in order to make the following policies concrete. Privacy information is to be collected, utilized, and provided only when it is necessary for the proper management of the students, or the personnel management such as the employment of the staff or teachers. Against the illegal access to the privacy information or the risk of its destruction or leakage, we devise a countermeasure, put the management resource and develop our security system continuously. We comply with laws, regulations and other rules on the privacy protection. We keep developing our security system on the basis of the environmental change of the ICT. We deliver these policies to all the employees of our foundation and make them well known, attempting to develop our sense of privacy protection through instruction and enlightenment of the employees.

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