【Soccer club】Soccer fought well, thank you for your bravery.

Mon, Nov 11, 2019

On November 10th they participated in the 98th national soccer tournament at NACK5 stadium.
Our opposition was Seibu-dai high school.

We were blessed with perfect conditions at kickoff.
In the 1st half, Seibu-dai scored 1 point and none were scored in the 2nd half.

After half time, even though no more points were scored, 3 minutes were added to the clock.
With three minutes of additional time, our athletes fought up until the end but the final whistle sounded with no change.

We made it this far thanks to everyone’s support and we thank you for it.
The athletes were grateful for the splendid match. We expect another leap forward.
Seibu-dai 2 to 1 KG.

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