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Special Education

We offers special education such as Graduation research, Overseas study, and Language training
program in Vancouver Island University. They were authorized by MEXT in 2004,2006, and 2008.
Graduation research is taken by third graders. Overseas study and Language training program in VIU are hold at second grade.

Authorized programs by the Ministry

1. Graduation Research

All students are supposed to research some fields they are interested in. Through second and third grade, they choose their own theme, read books, write papers. They have a meeting for presenting papers using PC at third grade.

2. Overseas Study

The second graders in our school take a course “overseas training “
In this course, we are taking various types of prior learning and review programs to attain the objective of overseas training trip and Language learning trip.
We spend 1 week on overseas training trip and 2 weeks on Language learning trip.
Our program makes a clear distinction between mere school trips and those training trips. The training trips are considered to be part of regular lessons of our school.
During the training trip we learn about Cross-cultural Understanding and rediscovery of our country through the contact with the culture of Canada
In the training course we visit our sister school “Archibishop Carney Regional Secondary school, learn about the indigenous peoples of Canada and learn more through the communication and interaction with people at a day care center.

3. Language Study

Unlike overseas training trip, this Language learning course takes 2 weeks and for the duration of the course, every student stays with a family in Canada. The students take the English learning course at a Vancouver Island University which is our affiliated school. They call it ELS class and their intensive curriculum is for those who learn English as a second language. Through the home stay we can have a real experience of Canadian culture and cultivate the spirit and attitude to accept different ideas and values.
Our goal of the training is to foster positiveness, self-reliance, and cooperativeness and through the trainings the students can feel and learn the things that only a certain generation of people can obtain.
In language learning course we divide the participants into several groups. In the small groups, we have the students improve their ability of listening and speaking intensively. By taking the lessons at the university the students learn not only essential English phrases of daily life conversation but also Canadian culture.
After we finish the program, they give us the certifications. In 2009, 55 students of our school joined the program, and they had a precious time and experienced various things through the communication with host families and the staff of the university.

Graduation Research
Overseas Research
Language Training