【KG News】It’s the Beginning of the New School Year

Tue, May 1, 2018

Hello from the editor of 【KG News】. Today we are starting fresh!

First, our junior high and high school had their opening ceremony in the morning. Both new and returning students attended. Our senior students gave a presentation to make our new students feel at home. 対面式1 対面式3 Later our students had their homeroom presentation. Every year this is a big event! 対面式4 対面式2 In the afternoon, the high school student correspondence course had their opening ceremony. Principal Ono spoke warmly to them saying, “Failure is not a bad thing; it is what happens after failure that is important. Do not fear failure. Please take many chances!” 通信始業式1 通信始業式2 Next was the entrance ceremony for the correspondence students. As usual, the correspondence students and teachers were very close even though the students frequently study at home. Their relationship is very strong. 通信入学式1 The upper classmen’s welcome speech also had great feeling. 通信入学式2 Tomorrow the junior high school and high school students will have their entrance ceremony. 【KG News】 will follow the ceremonies as they happen. Until next time, let’s have fun!