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Our school trip to Singapore - Day Five

Thu, Apr 24, 2014

I'm Yuzuno Someya from the 2nd grade of Kokusai Gakuin jhs. I'd like to tell you about our last day on the programma in Singapore.


From the first day of arriving, we attended various classes with our buddies every day. On the last day of the programme, we had no classes but visited 'the Bird Park' located near the school.


As it's very hot in Singapore, like Japanese mid-summer, we went there at 9 in the morning and looked at all the different kinds of beautiful birds. Though we had about 90 minutes to look around, it wasn't enough time to see all the birds. After that, we went back to school to have the last session of feedback on the programme. In a computer lab, we had a session on computers. Then we spent time with our buddies until the party started.


On the last day of the programme, we had a farewell party prepared by our host mothers.They cooked their traditional Singaporean food such as Chinese, Indian, and Malay. Some mothers cooked on the spot and others served some nice desserts to our table. When we finished eating, all the students of different nationalities started to talk to each other. Then a chicken appeared on the screen dancing 'the chicken dance'. Everyone was so excited to see it and started dancing together! We had a really good time.


Here are our buddies who hosted all the students from Japan, India, Denmark and Italy. From Monday to Friday we spent almost all the time everyday together and got on very well.


Here is the principle of the Pioneer Secondary School and teachers and the principle who presented us with the certificate of participation in the IFW. At first, it was hard because I didn't understand English. But now, I've made many good friends. We really had good experiences through participation in the programme.