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Our school trip to Singapore - Day Four

Thu, Apr 24, 2014

My name is Tatsuya Izuno and I'm in the 2nd grade of junior high school. Let me introduce to you our 4th day on the programme.


There were three events on the 4th day in Singapore. The first one was visiting the National museum of Singapore. There, we could see from the beginning of Singaporean history until the present day. At the museum, I looked around the displays with some Italian students who were also taking part in the programme. The Italians and I could communicate in English and we sometimes used our dictionaries to help us.


After we looked around the museum, we sat and talked about what we saw there. Inside the museum, there were a lot of displays to see with the help of a listening aid in your language.


When we finished visiting the museum, we went back to join the music session. We experienced traditional Singaporean instruments as well as instruments created from things around us such as glasses or bottles. It was very interesting as those were very different from Japanese ones.


In the cooking session, all the students were divided into several groups making various dishes. For my group, we cooked Chinese won ton soup with the help of our buddies. The won ton soup we cooked was very delicious! After that, I went to see the others to try to talk in English. At first, it was very difficult for me to listen to people, but little by little I could catch the words and communicate in English.


Through this programme, I realised the importance of English and how different it feels to speak other languages. I had a hard time and I sometimes couldn't understand what the others were talking about. I wish I had been able to speak English better, but I was pleased to get closer to the others day by day. I've decided to study English as hard as I can so that I can become a good English speaker.