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Welcome to the English Genius Podcast with Rocky and Selwyn! Today's episode is about food poisoning.

Businessman with stomach ache

Podcast Script

Intro: This is English GENIUS, an ESL podcast. We are your hosts Rocky and Selwyn. Today we talk about food poisoning.

A: Wow, Rocky. You look kind of pasty. Are you okay?

B: Not really, no. I haven’t eaten much lately.

A: That’s unusual for you. Why not?

B: I think I got food poisoning over the weekend.

A: That’s terrible! Do you know what caused it?

B: I’m not sure, but I think I ate some undercooked leftovers Saturday night.

A: Well I hope you’re better now. You need to eat and get your strength up.

B: I know, but whenever I think about food I feel sick. Yesterday it took me 4 hours to eat a single strawberry!

A: Too bad. I wanted to invite you out for lunch. I’m having Indian food!

B: …I think I’m going to throw up again!


Key Words



Food poisoning                


I’m not sure                       


Get your strength up

Whenever I think about


Too bad


Throw up