The English Genius Podcast > Episode 7


Welcome to the English Genius Podcast with Rocky and Selwyn! Today's episode is about the winter vacation!


Podcast Script

Intro: This is English GENIUS, an ESL podcast. We are your hosts Rocky and Selwyn. Today we talk about our winter vacation.

A: Happy New Year, Rocky! Long time, no see!

B: Happy New Year, Selwyn! How was your winter vacation?

A: I had a great time! I spent New Year in Taiwan!

B: Wow, lucky you! Taiwan is very nice. Did you enjoy the food?

A: Yes, I did! A little too much, actually. I’m at least two kilos heavier now!

B: That’s a lot. I guess your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, right?

A: Right. But how am I supposed to do that?

B: Don’t worry, I’ve taken care of it.

A: You have? How?

B: Simple! I’ve already eaten your lunch!


Key Words

Happy New Year                  

Long time, not see                

Winter vacation                

Lucky you

A little too much


New Year’s resolution

Take care of