The English Genius Podcast > Episode 6


Welcome to the English Genius Podcast with Rocky and Selwyn! Today's episode is about buying a new tablet PC.


Podcast Script

Intro: This is English GENIUS, an ESL podcast. We are your hosts Rocky and Selwyn. Today we talk about tablet PCs.

A: Hey, Rocky. What’s that you’ve got there?

B: This is my brand new e-book reader. I got it last month. It’s a Kindle Fire.

A: I’ve heard about those. You can store a lot of books on it, right?

B: That’s right. I have a hundred books on it already. A few games too. It’s great!

A: One hundred books? Wow! You must really like reading. How many have you read so far?

B: Umm, about half…

A: Really?! You’ve read fifty books in one month?!

B: No, no, no. I’ve read half of one. I spend most of my time playing games!

A: Maybe you should spend more time reading those books…

B: But I have to beat my high score in Tetris!


Key words

Brand new

A few


Spend time

Last month

So far

Hear about / heard about


To store

High score