The English Genius Podcast > Episode 5


Welcome to the English Genius podcast with Rocky and Selwyn! Today's episode is about keeping warm.


Podcast Script

Intro: This is English GENIUS, an ESL podcast. We are your hosts Rocky and Selwyn. Today we talk about staying warm.

A: Brr! It’s getting a lot colder now, isn’t it?

B: I’ll say. These days I hate going outside.

A: I know what you mean. It’s even cold inside. The teachers’ office is freezing!

B: Yeah. Apparently the school is trying to save money. Nobody will turn on the heater!

A: Is that true? Thank goodness I have this thick sweater!

B: You’re lucky. I wanted to buy a sweater yesterday, but I spent all my money at the arcade!

A: Ouch! That’s rough! But at least you can stay warm at home, right?

B: Not really. I forgot to pay my electric bill and now I can’t turn on my heater!

A: That’s horrible! What are you going to do?

B: At this point I think the only way I’ll stay warm is to set myself on fire.


Key words

I know what you mean              
You’re lucky
That’s rough.
Save money                       
At this point
Thank goodness                   
Set…on fire