Our school trip to Singapore – The first day!

I'm Yuuki Tominaga from the jhs 2nd grade. I'm going to tell you about our first day in Singapore!


First, we had a morning assembly. All students read local newspapers and our own story books, or listened to teachers' formal speeches.


After the morning assembly, we had breakfast with our buddies. In the canteen, there were several different booths for meals, and we could choose anything we liked. It was very good, too!


Then, we played an icebreaker game called 'Fruit Salad' or 'Fruit Basket' in Japanese. If you lost your seat, you had to dance in front of the other students. It was a dance called 'Chicken Dance' and everybody felt so embarrassed to do it! That's why we all took the game pretty seriously!


This is the 'Chicken dance'. To be honest I was very happy. I didn't have to do the dance alone because it was so embarrassing! But in the end we all enjoyed dancing together.


When we finished our first day's programme, we had a 'welcome lunch' together. The lunch was prepared by our host families and there were various kinds of food, including Indian, Chinese, Malay, sandwiches and fresh fruits. All of them were very tasty. After school, all the students watched movies with buddies and we had a good time!